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Album packaging for artist Super Cool Lito. There are no words to explain this piece, just embrace it. The right is the album cover, and the left is the back of the jewel case(track-listing). 

Make sure you look at the high resolution image.
Another Little drawing(I’m better on the computer I know lol)
Drawing in my English class. Nothing special, just some patterns. I’m gonna try and scan them to use for some album artwork.
Inspired by music from Eligh from the living legends. This can be your next cd cover hit me up. Re-blog this!
"Self Awareness" is the title. This piece was inspired by the past year of my life, feeling more aware of myself in my mind and everything. Inspired by my trips, journey’s, experiences, or whatever you want to call them. There is a lot of meaning in there, more than you think. Focus on the complexity of the entire image, great textures in the background. I want the world to see this one, so please re-blog it for support. Thanks.
This piece right here is simply art. No real substance in there, just a mixture of textures, a few subtle colors. Really clean.

Business card (front and back) I designed for @weReignSupreme a clothing company out here in San Diego, Check them out at

-Carlos Sanchez

Web Development

Splash page for @sunspotjonz to promote his new album “Galaxy Of Dreams”. A few Links, and a music player. I used the artwork from the album for the page.

-Carlos Sanchez

This is the artwork for @_thedudez new LP #stoneage. There’s more than meets the eye with this piece. There are a few hidden messages in there. The basic idea for the artwork of this album was “stone age”, this is the age of being stoned because it seems that everyone and their mother is getting stoned. I discussed the artwork with Ronnie, and Steez prior to starting for idea’s, and they had plenty. They both came up with the idea of the silhouette, and they told me to just do my thing on the rest of it.

Here’s the breakdown of the image of the dudez. First started with a picture. Then I took the image into Adobe Lightroom, and took the details out to make a silhouette effect. I then took it into Adobe Photoshop, created the vectorized image, and added the texture on the inside.

Alright for the back you’ll notice the very subtle silver marijuana plants, I felt it added more elegant look to it rather than just having the whole theme of the album being stereotypical “stoner” stuff. The water droplets in the background were a last minute touch, they add a mellow touch to the detail of the entire image. I added the blocks of black behind the featured artist’s(Poodeezy, and Young Harm) to accentuate them. You will also notice the mushroom’s lowkey in the background right behind the credits(Isiah Salazar, Haze Banga, Carlos Sanchez). Here’s the before and after of the image of the dudez.

About the music:
I personally enjoyed this album a lot. Isiah (producer) really showed what he could do as a musician in this record. I was quite impressed by the overall production, It was also very melodic. There were major themes in most every song, and I also recognized the concepts involved with every track, which is very difficult for an artist to incorporate in a track without an excellent producer. Haze(Engineer) Did work as well, I noticed the effects that he added almost every song, and he did a good job mixing the entire record. The Dudez, did their thing as usual. I noticed that steez really gets inside the listeners heads by coming up with these lines that you might not understand initially, but after you critically listen you catch them, and you’re like wow, that was clever/swaggin lol. I noticed that ronnie tried a lot of new things with his flows in some of these songs, and he also uses a lot of effects in his verses. We all put in a lot of work into this project so we hope everyone enjoyed it.

-Carlos Sanchez
Greenlight Media Group, llc
Graphic Design, Visual analysis coordinator.

(r)evolution. The R is separate to represent how Revolution is part of Evolution is humanity. Revolutionary war’s have made the world what it is now. I made this to hopefully educate some people via artwork. “We will eliminate all tyranny. We will not be silenced” If you don’t know about the revolution going on in Libya(Africa. East of Egypt) educate yourself. This is history in the making. What do you think? Also All rights are reserved to the owner of the image of the women, I’m not claiming any rights to it. <— Yes, you have to say that now. Copyright infringement will get you a fine. Don’t you just love America? haha

-Carlos Sanchez