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High resolution file for the tracklisting.
High resolution file of the cover
Album packaging for artist Super Cool Lito. There are no words to explain this piece, just embrace it. The right is the album cover, and the left is the back of the jewel case(track-listing). 

Make sure you look at the high resolution image.
Flyer I designed for an event we have coming up. Be sure to come through if you live in the San Diego area. Good hip hop, good drinks, and good times.
Another Little drawing(I’m better on the computer I know lol)
Drawing in my English class. Nothing special, just some patterns. I’m gonna try and scan them to use for some album artwork.

Business card front and back

This is the twitter background I designed for the official Ashlyn Rae, yea the porn star.
Inspired by music from Eligh from the living legends. This can be your next cd cover hit me up. Re-blog this!
"Self Awareness" is the title. This piece was inspired by the past year of my life, feeling more aware of myself in my mind and everything. Inspired by my trips, journey’s, experiences, or whatever you want to call them. There is a lot of meaning in there, more than you think. Focus on the complexity of the entire image, great textures in the background. I want the world to see this one, so please re-blog it for support. Thanks.